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Urban street fashion trends 2018
September 15, 2017

You might take a look at the perfectly dressed participants of Paris, London, and Milan fashion weeks as well as scoff. It could verge on the absurd at the first scan. Look somewhat nearer, in any case, and you'll frequently find that the people of the first column don't dress a world far from rest of us.  For each amazing look there are excellent wearable, up-to-the-minute searches for the end of the week, the working environment and pas...

Why you should get urban Mogul tracksuit?
December 11, 2018

During the 60s, as the mid century achievement cut a path towards 'space age' innovation, tracksuits were introduced in the fashion industry. Structured with a mix of textures, these early forms set up the establishment for the present-day tracksuits. Numerous brands previously stepped into creating attire was obviously with the tracksuits. They are worn only previously or after sports. It was during the 70s that tracksuits for ladies and men sta...

How to dress Urban in an age of digital moguls and entrepreneurs in 2019?
December 11, 2018

Urban lifestyle is both the voice of youth and a multibillion-dollar social industry bundled and advertised on a worldwide scale. Urban culture is additionally a multifaceted subculture that rises above a large number of the prevalent portrayals used to depict other music-drove youth societies. One of the critical contemplations about urban culture is that since its origination in the mid 1970s, urban culture has seemingly turned out to be progre...

Urban Fashion with Mobile Mogul & International...
January 3, 2019

Our urban fashion team spent sometime this week with International Athlete KJ. Born and raised in Bermuda KJ emerged onto the cricket scene from a young age. Inspired by sports, music and urban fashion accompanied by education in Computer Science. KJ has caused a disruption in his own league.