MogulHQ is a powerful online network for individuals around the world. We would like to introduce you to some of the services and features we offer.  As you know MogulHQ has a wide range of streetwear, gymwear and casual wear lines. We pride our self on providing high quality apparel to a range of enthusiasts and individuals around the world who enjoy slick urban clothing designs.  

Selected digital tycoons captain the strategies we have put in place so that the MG network can sew and reap rewards. To be a member of the Mogul HQ network it is essential you join our affiliate programme. The affiliate programme is the heart of the Mogul HQ’s network. A place where we provide exceptional services for individuals such as yourself to build a residual income.   

Picture this…. You’re walking down the road in your fresh MG tracksuit you purchased from the mobilemogul.co.uk website. As your walking somebody compliments you on your attire and asks where you bought it. As a Mogul HQ member you can send the person interested in the product from the Mogul HQ, your own personal Affiliate URL link, that is provided to you once you sign up to the Affiliate programme.   Each time a customer purchases from the Mogul HQ website using your affiliate link. You will receive a percentage of the sale. Cool right! Well it doesn’t stop there.

As a Mogul HQ member you will also get the benefit of being able to offer friends, family and customer additional services. So what additional services do MogulHQ offer?  


Logo design  

Brand Design  



Guess what? For each individual service a MogulHQ member can be rewarded for referring new clients and customers. This cash reward will be a percentage of the client’s sale. Now as Moguls we don’t stop here! Look deeper into the opportunity that is within your reach. This means you could possibly set up your own business from just being a Mogul HQ member. All you would have to do is refer client to us via your brand, social media or email.  

Now as we all know this isn’t for everyone within the MogulHQ network and we can appreciate that some of our Moguls are real clothing enthusiasts. However for the individuals in our network who would like to make a residual income and avoid the tedious 9-5 working life. You are the reason we made MogulHQ. As previous 9-5 workers we believe that this way of thinking isn’t the way to fulfil your best life. To support the needs of affiliate members we have developed a series of podcasts for you guys to listen to and learn how to build your stream of residual income through the Mogul HQ network.

Stay tuned to find out more on the affiliate course and additional services.   


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